Smalls SAL 2016 - October

Hello from Japan!
This is my October post about the Smalls SAL 2016.

My plan of the Smalls SAL 2016 is to stitch "48" characters about Nintama Rantaro.
I created that cross-stitch pattern by myself from pixel art. (Art by WTNB_tfma) I use full cross-stitch 1 over 1 on 36 ct Evenweave.

My completed smalls in this month

1. Raizo Fuwa (39/48)
Sep 25, 2016 to Oct 25, 2016

  • 51W x 55H / full cross-stitch 1 over 1
  • 13 solid colors by #25 DMC
  • 36ct Cream Evenweave (100% cotton)

Do you know Nintama Rantaro?

Nintama Rantaro is a Japanese anime series produced by Ajia-do Animation Works and broadcast on NHK since 10 April 1993. (Wikipedia)

Happy stitching!


  1. Will you have all 48 complete by the end of the year. I was surprised to only see one this month

  2. You do the nicest over 1 stitching I have ever seen :)

  3. Great finish! Thanks for being part of the Smalls SAL!